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Water Bottles

A bottle is a rigid container with a neck that is narrower than the body and a mouth. By contrast, a jar has a relatively large mouth or opening which may be as wide as the overall container.

The bottle has developed over millennia of use, with some of the earliest examples appearing in China, Phoenicia, Rome and Crete. Bottles are often recycled according to the SPI recycling code for the material. Some regions have a legally mandated deposit which is refunded after returning the bottle to the retailer.



OX-11100 - Sigg Wide Mouth Blue
Neu designte SIGG-Bottle mit leichter Handhabung dank gerippter Haptik.
OX-11101 - KOR Delta
Die KOR bottle ist der Rolls-Royce unter den Trinkflaschen.
OX-11102 - Alfi Iso Bottle Flow
Iso Bottle mit doppelwandigem Edelstahlkörper, Oberteil Spülmaschinenfest, Deckel mit Arretierung, 100 % dicht dank hochwertiger Dichtung.
OX-11103 - Camelbak eddy
Einfaches Trinken, tropffrei!
OX-11104 - Elite Freska
Bis zu 4 Stunden Thermoleistung.