Kartell Invisible Side

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Item no. OX-11601
Kartell Invisible Side


It is suitable for the most diverse areas in the house: {+from the living room -}{-to the bedroom-}{-meets the diverse functions in the object area.+}This piece is part of a collection of transparent objects, that {*Tokujin Yoshioka*} has designed for Kartell.

Technical data

{/Height/}: 50 cm{--{/Width/}: 75 cm--} {*New: 80 cm*}{/Depth/}: 250 cmWeight: 10 kgShipping: {_Pick Up_}Surface: 1,25 m{^2^}Specials: CO{~2~} neutral production


EN: Tiefe in cm:
EN: Breite in cm: 40
EN: Höhe in cm: 120
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